I drove for the first time since the storm today and holycrap how ignorant and stupid I felt driving past these huge trees that were thrown around like matches, laying on the ground. I had such an incredible aha moment like the storm was for real and it did happen right here. We have some very fortunate asses – that’s all.

Our little family held hands before the dinner tonight and even with our hard-to-label religiosity, it was very grounding and meaningful.

Every year

Every year I do the same dance around ordering holiday cards: ooh-ing and aah-ing over the designs, wrestling kids to stand a second in front of the camera “Hold still, don’t put that in your mouth”, wrestling those pictures into stupid preset frames that are all horizontal when I shot everything like a portrait (when will I learn?), collecting coupons for printing so I overpay only a little bit but never before have I ordered cards in November. I feel high right now.