You know what a didn’t think I would be eating outside on the 20th of November? Some DQ ice cream that’s what! The weather was absolutely gorgeous (yes, we attempted another holiday card photo session and no, I erased all of them, turns out my 3 year old started this “Look, Mommy, I am happy” and then he grins so that the Joker would be proud.)
The Thanksgiving parade (where the ice cream was enjoyed) was exiting, loud and holy crap so many people to battle! for some room on the sidewalk. The balloons were the usual repertoire of Clifford+Elmo+Grover and the highlight was to overhear a mother trying to explain to her distracted five year old who Fred Flintstone was/is.

Super Grover knows how to army crawl under the power lines.


Falling asleep

I can’t even type I am so exhausted.
Baby woke up twice last night and extra early in the morning + late night out with girlfriends (yay, grown ups talking) + 40 minute drive each way = ah fuck NaBloPoMo!

Gratuitous picture of baby who enjoys freaking me out with his pulling up skills. 20111120-002435.jpg