I know

It’s getting to be a kind of pointless month for writing since I barely leave the house (today for the first time! since Monday!). This sick is kicking my ass all the way to from the couch back to the bed and I obey this bitch-sortaflu like a little…bitch (ugh… I am running out of insults, I have to share a bad name with the virus= it’s that serious).

My homework is due and I promised the professor that I will scan and email it as soon as possible which seems right now really far far away.
Today was T’s first day of preschool that he announced he was “scary and don’t want to go”. So the drop off was a bit rough but come on, how can I not send him there when he comes home with this?


“Don’t eat that popcorn, Mommy. It has glue on it.”

Noted, Kid.


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