Bucket list

I have realized that I don’t have one. Everyone should panic right away. I don’t have a list of a 100 things, or 40 or 99 things to do before…well before a major milestone: turning 40, 50 or 99 years old, or the event of just plain dying. And I love lists! They bring peace and order but lately I am putting only shopping lists together.

So after I thought for 3 hours about this…(Do I care enough? So what?) I told the cynical self to go to hell and googled “bucket list”. Internet to the rescue!

My bucket list (as of November 5th, 2009)

1. Grand Canyon

– it just screams AMERICA in my mind and since tomorrow I am going to become a US citizen – yay America!

2. Lascaux Caves (contains some of the most remarkable paleolithic cave paintings in the world)

– well, that’s more on a theoretical level because those are in France and lord help me,  I do not want to get on a 8 hour flight to see them… why is this on the list? it has theoretical value!

3. Go rock climbing

– is it too ridiculous to not want to actually climb a rock? I would like to have a very thrilling but safe experience and god, did I just make myself feel like 94 years old…yup.

4. Belly dancing

– I will move my body to the rhythm and it will look good and graceful, damnit!

5. Thriller dance

– speaking of grace, zombie dancing doesn’t require it. win!
To be continued when I find more inspiration through my google friends.




One thought on “Bucket list

  1. HumanLiberty says:

    Re #4: I had no idea. I’ll sign you up for lessons and accompany you on Doumbek.

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