Hurry – day 3

So Mr. Bouncy wants to go to bed early today and I agreed because since the time change Bouncy son is waking up at 6 am, and no matter how much raw chocolate stimulant I shove in my face – that’s just too early and not cool.

The problem with going to bed on time is that it is cutting significantly into my time off. The time I get to spend without anyone demanding a dry diaper, my phone, car keys, tape measure or reading (beh! beh!) Hand, hand, fingers, thumb for the 32435th time. Ironically, a lot of time off is also spent on reviewing pictures and movies of the baby that drove me nuts only 2 hours ago.

So, here we are: today he took his first steps without prompting. (not on video – because that would be very special and a miracle).  Just take my word for it. Enjoy this video with coaxing galore and some baby head bashing prevention.



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