Ready, set…


Nablopomo 2009!

Last post was about a baby and now only 3 months later (ahem..dusting the ol’ blog) I have a toddler on my hands.

Two days ago, I was cleaning out the freezer (looking for dinner) and came across the last reserves of breastmilk (expired too). And there I was trying to make that decision again as a part of me says “Come on this is a no brainer! Let me direct you to the nearest sink.” while the irrational half is weeping “But you worked so f$#king hard for this. Just hold on to it for a little longer, it may come in handy…someone might need it….wait! what?….”

This is where I realized that the touchy-feely side is clearly losing it and I chucked the milk down the drain.

I might have cried a little. With happiness too. I hate mixed emotions.

Letting go


One thought on “Ready, set…

  1. Swistle says:

    I held on to a half-bottle of prenatal vitamins for, like, a YEAR after they expired. Sigh.

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