Overheard in the old country

*Dinner time*

“You can’t just eat bread and nutella alone! Put some butter on your bread first.”

Said the wife of the fitness trainer (my mom).

essential fats


One thought on “Overheard in the old country

  1. Cheers for a fellow Nutella lover!

    I’ve never tried it with butter, though. Hm. Maybe I’ll try that later…or…maybe not. The only time I’ve ever buttered bread was when I was a kid. My mom would let us have hagelslag (basically chocolate sprinkles, but with real chocolate, not that fake chocolate sprinkle stuff you see in the baking aisle at Vons) for breakfast once in awhile, I think it was her way of reconnecting with her Dutch family through us boring American kiddos, and we always toasted and buttered first. Delicious =)

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