NEWS FLASH: -Resolutions cancelled for 2009, also: We kept the baby alive for 6 months! Yay us!

This has been one of the fastest six months of my life. Bouncy Boy is growing at an alarming speed: he can sit unassisted for 5 seconds at a time, he’s developing a taste for cell phones and he’s madly in love with the dogs trying to shove them in his mouth.
Other things he likes to eat: books, laptops, the bathroom radiator, burp rags etc., basically anything in his vicinity, except for banana (meh) or avocado (fail).

So far, parenting has been a schizophrenic mixture of feelings of awe, fear, excitement, desperation. The list is long and some of the feelings are not all rainbows and sunshine. But whatever – we made it, everybody is alive and thriving. Once again! Yay us!


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