Today Mr. Bouncy and I finally exchanged our birthday cards – he gave me mine and I gave him his. My birthday was in September and his was in October. Seems like we were playing a passive-aggressive game about who can hold the each other’s card longer without looking really bad and neglectful. Or something like that. I have to say though that reading those cards 2 months later created some excellent laugh-fest and goofiness. Good times.

In unrelated: How do you teach your almost 4 month old to sleep without being swaddled? It’s becoming a bit silly with this “I am tying your hands down so you stop batting yourself with them”. I see some sleepless nights in our near future while my son is getting used to the fact that he has hands, even OMFG, in the bed.

Also, I kicked Nablopomo’s ass. Yay!


One thought on “Yes!

  1. Arjewtino says:

    I still have my girlfriend’s Valentine card in my possession.

    Until I get the cupcakes she promised to make me, I’m not giving it to her.

    I might have some serious problems.

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