I couldn’t make this up if I tried

Bouncy: How can birds fly across the ocean? When do they rest!? …

Mr. Bouncy: So what? That’s all they can do is fly – big deal! Can a bird architecturally design a bridge or something? NO!

Bouncy Sister: They don’t need to. They can fly over it.

Mr. Bouncy: Fine, they can’t sing an Aria. They can’t even write with pen and paper.

Bouncy Sister: How do you know? Prove it.

Mr. Bouncy: No, you prove it. Prove they can. They don’t have any hands or fingers.

Bouncy Sister: …….

Mr. Bouncy: Exactly.

Bouncy Sister: But a human who doesn’t have hands of fingers can’t write either, that doesn’t meant he’s any less smart or worthy.

Mr. Bouncy: That’s not the point – they can’t do anything but fly – look they can’t even, like drive a tank, or whatever.

Bouncy Sister: Maybe Big Bird can.

Mr. Bouncy: NO, he can’t and besides, Big Bird’s just a guy in a suit – that’s right, I said it. I bet even the guy in the suit can’t drive a tank anyway.

Bouncy Sister: I bet YOU can’t drive a tank either.

Mr. Bouncy: So what? I’m not a bird.


One thought on “I couldn’t make this up if I tried

  1. HumanLiberty says:

    I’m so glad you wrote this done – that was a hilarious moment – I would have forgotten about it otherwise.

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