Night night

Last night Bouncy junior slept from 7 pm to 12, and woke up at 3am and 6am. AND then fell asleep again till 8:30am. I could not believe my eyes when I saw the clock. I felt so rested. I made me think: oh yeah, this is how it’s supposed to feel…

It was a glorious day today. Full of sunshine and sleep. Bouncy Jr. definitely moved away from the chaotic newborn stage where he’s having trouble deciding what to do next: Sleep! Food! Explosive poop! More food! Sleeep! Wait not really! Food is good! Very sleepy! But wait there’s poop coming out of my pants!…

The days now have more structure and as much as I hate the word schedule (my kid is not a train) I think we have achieved a routine of some sorts. It makes the day so much easier – since I can plan a shopping trip (Look, we are leaving the house! Stand back!) around his breakfast/snack/lunch/snack/snack and I don’t have to plan escape routes out of Trader Joe’s because OMG my baby is hungry.

Hope everyone’s weekend will be a blast.


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