Oh well

So after spending two hours with the internet, dr. google and his associates confirmed that I have thrush. Awesome. There goes eating more of the banana nut bread. Instead I am going to focus on eating garlic, probiotics, vitamin C and echinacea – I hope the baby like those. Oh, and apparently I have to do some hard core laundering with hot water, bleach and vinegar. DEATH  to YEAST!

*Insert non-medical segue here*

I am watching Wizard of Oz right now (our Saturday nights are so thrilling, I know) and that little Toto was such a great ACTOR! I mean, he’s looking at the right people at the right time, none of that dog looking to the side as if reading his lines from a teleprompter. And he always looks so happy!

Ok, Glinda just told Dorothy that she could’ve saved herself  this 2 hour ordeal by doing that ruby slipper thingy in the beginning of the story, Dorothy doesn’t suprisingly punch Glinda and I am going to bed.


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