Brain Farts

Bullet points – I has dem:

  • Why can’t I find a nice soft blanket/quilt? I am sick of these stiff, itchy coverings! I am willing to pay! Money!
  • I found my first English teacher’s website. I would love to talk to her and tell her how much she means to me but I would have to get over my crap and be sentimental. Oh boy, feelings. Those pesky feelings. Somehow having feelings seems kinda embarrassing to me. Eastern European upbringing will do that to you.
  • I can’t wait for Thanksgiving but I am already annoyed with the Christmas decorations that are already in the stores. What’s next? Christmas after Easter? So we can keep a nice christian theme throughout the year? Blah!
  • My laziness bothers me. I have new pics in my camera but I don’t want to get it and go through the incredible hassle of connecting it to my computer. I am telling myself that tomorrow is the day for that. Tomorrow is apparently also the day to finish all the other 17 things on my to-do list. As always.

One thought on “Brain Farts

  1. thoughtporridge says:

    Feelings – You has dem too.

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