Looking at these pictures you might have guessed that I gave birth to a brand new baby recently… the photos are a bit…baby heavy…my apologies. I promise to take more pictures of my dog next time.

These shots were taken probably within 5 seconds – such are the fleeting emotions of a baby. I love it. You never know what will hit you next.





And here’s my son working on his Saturday Night Fever impression. Also, this was his Halloween “costume”. I regret a bit that I missed out on this huge cutification opportunity – the costume of “two small pumpkins that are eating away infant’s feet” is just not adorable enough.

Saturday Night Fever

And this concludes our “Bragging ’bout the baby” Weekly Winners edition. Now go hug something cute.


2 thoughts on “Winners

  1. connie says:

    OMG~total cuteness!! Out of the 1st set, I ♥ the 1st & last ones the best & LOL @ the Sat. Nite Fever one~too funny! They’re all super cute though 🙂 And, hey, don’t think a thing about it~we Moms have a right to brag all we want 😉

  2. HappyCampers says:

    Holy cow…those first pictures are just…delicious! LOVE the changing expressions….what a blessing 🙂

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