Photohunt: Road

I don’t want my brain to turn into baby mush – so I decided to participate in Photohunt.

Shot while going about 75 m/h somewhere in Florida – “OK, no one is coming from either side, NOW NOW, go in the middle of the road!”



7 thoughts on “Photohunt: Road

  1. Sallyacious says:

    What a great story about how you got that shot. And it’s a fantastic shot as well. Love the darkening at the corners.

  2. Enigma says:

    Wow. Wonderful image! And a daring way to capture it. Thanks for sharing. I stood in the middle of a “road” of sorts, too, to get my shot for PH….just not at 75 mph! LOL.

  3. Margy says:

    And no bugs on the windshield! Great shot. I invite you to come see my pictures of a few roads less traveled. – Margy

  4. saint2 says:

    that’s so picturesque! what a drive it must have been!

  5. Clara says:

    Amazing picture. Love the sky! Oh, yeah, the road, too!

  6. Lauren says:

    Hi! I was just checking the posts on photohunt. I’m new to this whole blogging world, but I love your picture of the road! Thanks so much for sharing it! If you get a chance, check mine out at By the way, I was wondering how you got the picture to have black on the edges of it? Was it the camera that did it or was it digitally edited?
    ~ Lauren

  7. LouCeeL says:

    Lovely shot. You have an excellent eye.

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