****zzzz**** I wish…

So, it has been one of those nights where you are rethinking this whole parenting gig, bleary eyed hoping that “there MUST be an end to this! Oh God, make the screaming stop” and then when you are about to loose your shit and hurl yourself upon the noise source just to silence it- you hear a loud FART! And the yelling hole changes into a cute smile and your eyes lock and this huge relief washes over you. World finally makes sense – until the next fart comes along. Lather, Rinse & Repeat.

My parents left and it seems like they never really were here. We are back to cursing the wonderful & unreliable technology that allows us to video chat.

blurry grandma


One thought on “****zzzz**** I wish…

  1. Pocklock says:

    We’ve had many nights like that, but when they finally burp or poop it’s like this HUGE relief for everyone! I’ve said countless times, “so THAT’S what the problem was!”.

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