On my mind

I am scared shitless because my parents are leaving on Tuesday. How will I manage? Who will feed me? Who will vacuum the infinite number of dog hairs? Who will hold the baby when I need to go to the bathroom?

The other half of my team is not worried:



2 thoughts on “On my mind

  1. LouCeeL says:

    You will take it on minute at a time. Then you will take it an hour at a time. Later you will take it one day at a time. And it will all work out. Because you are a Mom, now. And Mom’s just know how to make it all work out, one minute, one hour, one day at a time.

    Oh, and congratulations. To you and your hubs. He is adorable. (The baby.)

  2. Hubbs says:

    Oops – Hubs had thought this was a 3-person team – Apparently, Hubs is not on this team after all, or worth much in this equation. Hubs had no idea BC was feeling so neglected…

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