And here I am trying to determine what eye color the baby will have. Notice I said eye color. The quasimodian shape is not genetics…just fingers pulling the eyelids away from the iris.

MINE (Mr. Bouncy McBlur took the picture)


So, procrastination should be my middle name really. Instead of tending to my baby registry I think deeply about my unborn child’s eye color. I will blame my short attention sp…




4 thoughts on “Pitchers!

  1. My what lovely eyes you both have.

    The better to see, right?

    Great last one, too.

  2. Rural Vegan says:

    Great, now I feel like someone is watching me. It’s the geese!

  3. Swistle says:

    I always wonder about that, too! So far we have four kids with light brown hair and brown eyes—and one blondie with blue eyes!

    You guys have GORGEOUS eyes—your kid can’t lose!

  4. […] – behold! My scientific research into the depth of the future Bouncy eyeballs is getting new exciting development, well – pictures. […]

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