Now with MORE pictures of birds and dogs!

Mr. Bouncy getting his morning cuddle time. Bunkerella does not protest too much.
Mr. Bouncy and his other bitch

On Saturday we had a lovely lunch at a friend’s house and while everybody was discussing politics at the table (Grrr and Dooom! d00m!) I played with my camera and the napkins. And because I am well mannered I pretended to listen while I took pictures of shiny things close to me.
Napkin Ring

Winter veggies…
Pretty winter veggie

The park ducks in need of some anti-slip gear or maybe I totally read it wrong and they were enjoying themselves and laughing every time one of them fell on the ice. I sure did.
I can has eyeskates?


7 thoughts on “Now with MORE pictures of birds and dogs!

  1. tommiea says:

    I think I would have taken napkin pics as well!!

  2. Ok, I love them all… but that first shot pulls at the heartstrings. 🙂

  3. Rural Vegan says:

    Ooo, my favorite is the purple kale stuff. Does that make me heartless that I didn’t pick the ducks or dog??

  4. Oh, I love the napkin/ring.. beautiful colors and composition!

  5. Love the duck pic. I really wanted a pet duck, but my city doesn’t allow it!

  6. I think I may have had to take pictures of that napkin ring, myself! And the duck pic is really great too!

  7. MP says:

    OK..I’m freaking out over napkin rings and a purble lettuce..OMG beautiful!!

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