I think I drooled lil’bit

AKA macro gluttony show:

Stephen Colbert's Nightmare

Can I hear an obligatory YUM here?

Squash mush

napkin ring

And off I go check the fridge for leftovers.


7 thoughts on “I think I drooled lil’bit

  1. LOVELY!

    Did you have to take the ring off because you ate THAT MUCH? Hehe. 😉

  2. Libby says:

    Hee-hee “Macro Gluttony Show” is the perfect title for that collection! I love the shot of the bears, artistically speaking, but it’s that frosting that’s got me headed to my fridge in search of something sweet!

  3. tiffany says:

    Those are fabulous photos!
    I LOVE the first one. LOL, going to check the fridge myself now.

  4. julie says:

    That shot of the honey bears is really great! The others are delicious looking as well…

  5. Oh how wonderful! That first shot made me smile big. we are big honey fans!

  6. Jientje says:

    Ohhh waauuuuuwww! These are fabulous!

  7. MP says:

    I LOVE honey…even on a tablespoon..My dad used to give me a spoonful of honey before I went to bed every night.

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