Best. Thanksgiving. Ever.

First of all, let me show you our kitchen after the holiday monkeys were done with it.

19 PM, Thanksgiving Day

Bastards, at least they know how to cook.

The first time in a …uhm…long, long time I ate irresponsibly. I did not pace myself. I just stuffed everything into my face and I enjoyed it SO MUCH.

I didn’t pause during the meal to take pictures of the gluttony. There was no time to be wasted. After all, I had serious competition.

Bunkerella tripping on tryptophan

Apologies for my simple wordage here but “What a great day!” And today was equally awesome but without the hosting responsibilities, fancy clothes and hours overseeing the monkeys. WITH all the food benefits = Heaven.

Also, we got to watch 6 hours of Man vs. Wild and we should have totally make it into a drinking game (everytime Bear takes off his shirt, everytime a pukelicious grub is eaten followed by heaving, etc). Nothing beats watching a man swimming around in testicle freezing glacier water while you are on a soft queen size bed.


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