Being part of a group


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Wheeeee, time for pictures from last week. A meme proposed by Lotus Carroll. So here are my pictures graded awesome and up.

A very friendly goose at the park was staring me down. Or the piece of bread in my hand.


Some pretty decay for you.


Here’s our confused strawberry plant – I brought it in from the porch because I thought it’s getting too cold but the strawberry is now all “yay! springtime!” Boy, that’s gonna be a nasty surprise.


And here something I made to get you into the right holiday spirit.



8 thoughts on “Being part of a group

  1. OMG. I just laughed my face off. You rock.

    And great pics!

    Thanks so much for playing!

  2. Jientje says:

    I hope cousin turkey is allright!
    Love your pictures! The strawberry plant is in for a surprise, that’s for sure!

  3. You are HILARIOUS!! I love your pics and I especially love your wit! Coming back soon, Promise!

  4. MP says:

    OMG your lol goose was great..
    You need to submit that to one of the LOL sites! My roses and trumpet vine thought it was spring again..they are going to be peeved by the end of this week!

  5. TuttleTree says:

    Great depth of field on the strawberry plant shot!

  6. Carrie says:

    That goose is giving me the stare down now! LOL. Your strawberryy turned out very psychadelic – love the colors!

  7. Rural Vegan says:

    A lolgoose! I love it!

  8. ~Sheryl says:

    Great pictures. Poor strawberry plant, I’m sure it will figure out it’s not springtime soon enough.

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