Are we there yet? AKA Day 15

Halfway there? Right? RIGHT?

Because it’s getting a leettle challenging around here.

So is everybody sick of discussing the Thanksgiving dinner planning already? Our newest deal is that we might skip the turkey all together because my SIL is making her famous spinach pie in our oven and my MIL’s oven is currently not working. We (Hubby, SIL & me) really don’t care that much for having turkey this time (SIL being vegetarian and all) but we will have to consult our guests and rest of the family if that’s ok. Because y’know, people have expectations. And Thanksgiving expectations clearly involve a big dead bird. (Mmmmm…..)

Is anyone planning to make soup this Thanksgiving or do you think that it would be too much food and someone might get really hurt? My SIL says there’s always too much food anyway so I might as well add to it. Gluttony ahoy!


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