Bunkerella Eats BARF

We tell our 13 pound shitzu that she is a “real” dog. We are not dressing her up for Halloween (oh, it was so tempting!). We encourage her to do really wild ‘n’ wolfy things – like tearing apart a stuffed raccoon, fetching a golf ball or chasing after seagulls. We all enjoy those activities, even the seagulls are laughing because they are all like “whatevers, I am bigger than you and where is your wings?”

But the biggest toughening up comes around meal time when we take out some ground beef (and this is the only meat I prepare in this house), warm it up with hot water (in a pan), trying not to boil it. I am just taking the refrigerator chill out of it and then throw it in her bowl. Then I stir in the special mush of raw vegetables (kale, carrots, celery, collard greens – any of these together). About a spoonful. The first time I served her raw vegetables with raw meat, I hovered over her bowl and her and I could not believe that she ate that stuff. Because it looks very…uh gross. Especially after you stir in the ground egg shells…y’know for the calcium…

Heh, you can find this “diet” referred to as BARF. Heh. Bones And Raw Food.

I actually took pictures of the raw meat and stuff but, you guys, even my expensive camera couldn’t do a miracle here. The ground beef just isn’t photogenic. And the vegetables didn’t pose for shit.


One thought on “Bunkerella Eats BARF

  1. Rural Vegan says:

    My dogs have been on the BARF diet for about 8 years now. While I hate having the meat in the house, it’s the best food in the world for them!

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