The blog police called (=husband) and told me that my naughty picture entry doesn’t count and that’s it’s a cop-out. Darn. I wish this fun blog thing were a secret. Does anyone manage to keep their blog a secret from their family? Because once again I feel like this:


(Gosh, how I like these cats. Note to self: could probably build a whole entry from these pictures.)

So, what is everybody planning for the weekend? I think I am going to strangle my husband because he won’t SHUT UP and now it’s almost midnight and we have to get up tomorrow because we are going to Philadelphia, PA. Six years in this country and only saw 0.02% of the land. So – off to broadening my horizons!


One thought on “Wishing

  1. sueczech says:

    I got drunk with the girls last night and woke up bright and early this morning. So my weekend will be full of catching up on sleep and cleaning house.
    Enjoy Philadelphia! 🙂
    Oh and by the way.. my hubby knows about my blog but he never reads it. My family members know nothing about it.

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