The one where I come up with some actual content

I am an omnivore who cooks vegetarian.

Does that make sense? Because I have been trying to figure out a nicely constricting label for myself for some time now and that’s the best I could put it.

What would you call yourself if you grew up in a normal Czech-German household for the first 10 years of your life where meat was scarce during the communistic times and everything else tasted like potatoes? And then your father gets a mysterious illness where the doctors just go: “Shwaaa?” which is Czech for “We can’t help you – you are on your own” and so your dad starts looking into alternatives and Ooops, the whole commy regime just starts breaking apart (probably coincidence).

So, there was my dad, trying to improve his health by eating more consciously and of course the whole family got into “the mess of being different” with him. First, we abandoned milk, then we ate certain food groups together and some separate from each other (meat+ vegetables, carbs + vegetables, but never meat with carbs, eeeee – they be touching). Then my dad started fazing out the meat, first went pork, then beef, chicken, turkey and lastly the fish went poof. My mom still prepared poultry and fish for special occasions but I could tell that that would not last long.

I didn’t mind those changes because they were gradual and somehow it made sense. I trusted my dad and I saw for myself what milk did to me when I got sick. So I embraced it all.

When I started cooking for myself, I always fell back on my family’s favorite recipes – a lot of spinach and potatoes involved. Preparing a meat dish feels scary and foreign, like uncharted waters. To this day, I didn’t really make meat for my family – I just don’t. I make it for our dogs – but that’s a different story because then the meat is “dog food” and no matter how much delicious curry powder I put on top of it, I won’t eat it.

The funny thing is I like the taste of meat. And even though I know what’s going on in the meat industry, I love a good medium rare filet mignon. (My veg friends keep praying for my soul). Meat is like a special treat that I get only at a good steakhouse (maybe twice a year and my Hubby is telling me that I am overdue, so YAY for me).

And here a total non sequitor, my SIL wants me to post pics of the swan that is going to remember us as her great time wasters.

Bread! Bread?


What do you mean NO BREAD?!

swan closeup

And then the zoom hit it in the face and all hell broke loose.


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