Turbo Couch Sitting

I think I must have broken records in couch abuse today. Ok, so I got up to pee and eat this great eggless egg salad shared by Monica but that’s about it.
Ok, so maybe I went to exercise in the evening but still – the couch stayed dented. I have powers!

And here is a sample of what I looked at today:

office showdown

Martial arts training (or watching too many kung fu movies) will do that to ya’.


2 thoughts on “Turbo Couch Sitting

  1. Rural Vegan says:

    Every now and again, every couch needs abusing. They practically beg for it. Did you like the eggless egg salad?

  2. sueczech says:

    See.. the couch just knew where you belonged. It left you a seat. Heh.

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