This should be easy right?

I mean this blog still has “FRESH PAINT” signs all over it right? So many possibilities: I could talk about so many things, all that quirky stuff, all the bad habits that I love and some that I don’t want to deal with anymore. Hey, you didn’t even see the inside of my fridge. I could tell you about my awkward teen years in the Czech Republic, my first crush, or how we found ourselves a purebred dog on our front lawn. BUT that will have to wait for another time…

BECAUSE I got myself a new camera and so far I am loving it! (Except for a few things will take time to get used to but that happens when a point&shoot person gets a SLR camera.)

Introducing (via Nikon D40):


Bunkerella feels very sleepy and wants you to go away already.


The Orange Dog disapproves of your potrait skillz but won’t say anything ‘cuz he’s got something you don’t – dignity.

Bunkerella just wants you to go to bed.



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