Today I went to see the dentist who about 3 months ago had changed my fillings from “silver” to “white” so I can finally become a superstar and blind everybody with a flashy smile. (Also potential side benefit = less mercury in mouth)

Too bad, I didn’t know at the time that I was signing up for some serious pain aftermath. For some reason, my teeth didn’t want to accept the new fillings, or maybe the white fillings were behaving mighty cocky…I dunno. Something just didn’t fit in. And I was in pain. Like bash your head in the wall pain. I never had a toothache like that – besides that time when I got new braces and all those metal thingies and bungee cords were wrapped around my head causing various teenage insecurities. So I was a newbie to this whole “Pain? Just pop a pill” movement. I didn’t like it. I felt numb and I ate so little and everything had to be pre-chewed or just soft. I lost weight that I just had put on (or so I thought, Oh – I don’t really trust you, digital scale you!)

The dentist had no idea why I am coming back to see him everyday to FIX IT! FIX IT! FIX IT! He seemed genuinely concerned and was giving me all kinds of natural and homeopathic remedies to help my body to deal with the new filling overlords. I was willing to do anything to get rid of the pain. I went to a chiropractor, I had enemas (did I mention that this is not a conventional dentist?) It didn’t make a difference, or it did – in my intestines, but the teeth were still bothering me.

Now, moths ago, the Hubby booked us a vacation and I was now dreading that date creeping up on me while frantically thinking of how many ibuprof3ns can I take to Costa Rica legally and will the Hom3land S3curity take my painpills?! I was a leettle worried about my pills, y’know?

Well, the date came, I packed my pills & sleeping bag and off we went. The trip was an awesome, thrilling adventure. Let’s just say – for brevity’s sake – that there were wild animals, surfer’s beaches and crazy bus rides involved (wow, sounds like the Czech Republic, ‘cept for the beaches, I guess). We didn’t stay in one place too long, two days max – and we were off to another insect haven. In the middle of it all, I realized that I didn’t take mah pills for like two days, wow. I mean, my teeth still hurt, but it wasn’t the same brainbashing inducing pain. I ate mostly rice & beans (= very teeth friendly). But I didn’t have to take painkillers since. Slowly but surely, the pain has been going away.

Today I went to see the dentist for the last checkup on the rebellious fillings. They behaved well. Thank god. And Costa Rica.



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